Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Negotiations in a Fog: 3/13/12- 3/20/12

In General:
This is a week of complex negotiations with others.  We are challenged to run a gauntlet between exaggerated expectations and the will to escape, and an aggressive detail oriented picky-ness, to find our way to an emotional exploration that leads to an honest caring negotiation to redefine what we need with those we love!  good luck!


Don't let details get in the way of the big picture! I'm not saying that details are not important (though they are not always important). I'm just saying right now you may have a tendency to overwhelm positive progress (especially when negotiating with others with a mob of details that seem important but are either not important or not important right now. Try keeping a small notebook of “little points” that you can come back and address later. This is particularly true because right now if you utilize your creativity you have at your disposal the ability to make grand breakthroughs and plot great courses with other people!

I get it Taurus, things feel a bit disjointed and “out of whack” at the moment. Be careful though, playing things secretively right now (even the things you won't admit to yourself- or at least out loud) are probably going to make it worse not better. The world may seem a bit crazy, and yes it feels like your the only one with your head on straight. Just please try to remember everyone else thinks that as well. Best to breath deeply and try to explain things slowly. Everyone can get through this. Plus you might solve more than you think in the long term!

It is a time to reevaluate with a capital “RE.” Time to renegotiate relationships (or how you form them) and most importantly re-evaluate what may well be an overestimation of the resources available to others. Your mantra this week? Give others a break, and try not to feel defensive!

Cancer this is a week to be direct, stand your ground and nicely ask for exactly what you need. Be specific, try to stay very focused and only on topic. Try making a thought list before doing anything important to screen for side-tracks. And most important of all DO NOT RUN, HIDE, ESCAPE INTO FANTASY. This is a week that calls for the direct approach!


OK, Leo, it may be time to back down just a bit. We know you are entitled, but its a good time to remember that we all are. Try remembering that it is sometimes a sign of valor to back down. Put on the face of magnanimity and show the world how grand and good-natured you can be. If you mange to stay loose you can even salvage your pride and come out looking all the better for it. In other words make the Compromise a gift... but compromise.


OK, this is a week to breath! There is a tendency right now to expect too much of others, and then to blame them for it. Own your expectations, and leave other people out of it. Chill out a bit, I know you are excited and impatient but you just have to expect the rest of the world to move at its own pace... And yes most of them are less organized than you. We are not all perfect little Virgo. That said, don't take it personally either. None of this is.
{Moon conj. Juno 3rd} square {Mars 12th} Opp {Chiron conj. Neptune 6th} square back

Distracted nature of emotions and how we get what we negotiate what we want. square to and escapist drive and a pushy aggressive mood (really just trying to get out of things) opp a failure to find focus especially on details


Look who's kick back and fancy free? Surprisingly this may raise other peoples eyebrows. They just don;t expect such an easy going Scorpio (and who's to blame them?) Try to enjoy the off-beat pace you are setting and remember this for later it may do you some good to learn from these moments. Be aware though, you may appear a bit full of yourself to others, careful not to tread across others toes!


It is time that your bending ways bent. By that I mean that its time to consider allowing for the needs of others in your relational negotiations, and in this case the compromise may seem a touch conservative to you. Please remember that sometimes conservatism may grant the structure to allow for greater adventure down the road... Together!

OK Capricorn.  It is actually time to dig in and talk about your feelings to the people you care about.  Business trip?  nope.  Stay late at work?  NOPE.  Seriously... its time to have that conversation, it may involve tears, but you can get through this.  All the fish in the sea are not always worth as much as the one in the bowl at home!  But it may take some emotional realness, and work.

Careful not to misplace the most important things.  Careful not to forget to speak what you feel (and remember to acknowledge you feel them too.)  Avoid passive-aggressive approaches, and really keep an eye on the details, especially your things.  its an easy time to get lost!

It may be a hard week to focus, particularly because you care so darn much about it all!  But it is a week to breath and take in the very practical end of relationships!  It is a week to examine the dollars and sense and have sober unromantic conversations and with a cool head decide the solid material side of what you need!

Extreme aspects currently in the sky also interact with our personal charts.  Make sure you are taking the space to breath and keep  physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy.  One thing that can aid in this is treating yourself to a personal astrological consultation.
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