Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When: Time is on Your Side, Fate is in the Past

Our ideas of fate come strangely enough from a kind of illusion of the way we think of information.  Because we account only for the events that actually come to pass we look back upon the past and think: Look at all these things that came to pass to create what has come to be.  For example, if you are an American it is easy to think wow, if my grandfather had not immigrated, why then he would have never met my grandmother, who would have never bore my father, who would never have met my mother, and I'd never have been born.  How fortunate for me!  Looking back on it there seems to have only been a single unlikely winding path.  That is, of course because when you are looking backwards you are looking down the path as it was "chosen" or occurred.  We never account for the possibility of how many possible people do not exist because things went the way they did.  Looking forward, moreover, we do not have the same vantage to know all the possibilities, we see the future in terms of hopes and sometimes an intuition of vibrational possibilities, really quite misty even for the very gifted the future is never completely knowable or set.

Astrology is not to tell fate, but to aid in understanding our possibilities, and align with the desires of our heart and fully participate in the forge of fate as the great crafts person that we are.  The modes teach us a secret in this. 

Through Cardinal nature we learn to try the new, to experience life as an act of passion and as ever a wondrous surprise.

Through Fixed nature we learn to love what we have and are now, to engage in the moment and to play an active engaged role in the long haul.

Through mutable we learn to live the life considered, the flexible life, the life without attachment and a life that releases.

When we take these together, it means to fully participate in the moment, and it drives home the now.

A Balance of Approach in Time, Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable, the Modes

In old myth 3 were the number of the weavers of fate, who from their loom created the rubric of time.  The Norns, the Fates, the Wyrd Women, names from separate western cultures and yet speaking to the same idea.  First the maiden, who spins the thread, begins ideas, second the Mother, who lays down the thread, creates the weave itself by putting the energies of the maiden into an order, and finally the elder woman, or crone with sharp scissors she cuts off the work of the mother to prepare for a transition of new thread brought again through the maiden.

In astrology we speak of these energies as the Modes, and they are integral to the process of life in general.  Modes are so much about keeping a sort of ongoing kinetic balance, a balance that is not like the flat line when all forces equal out, but rather of an ongoing equilibrium in motion.  A stable curve of Creation.  I find the best way to think of the modes is as if a painter applying color to a canvas.  Color theory tells us that there are 3 primary colors that if we apply to a canvas we may get any other color.  So too we apply our three modes, not to mute them out to a muddy grey, but to create a vision of the world.

This said lets understand the nature of the modes and how they relate to the astrological signs.  The three modes are Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable, and each resonates with a part of the story, beginning, middle end, creator, order maker and ender or transitioner.  Remember that in addition to a mode each sign also has an element, and a season.  Each sign represents a beginning middle or transitioning end of a season.
Let's take a look:

Cardinal: Spinner, Maiden, Agitators, Seminole energies
Aries (Fire Maiden, Spinner of Spring-and the year) Cancer (Water Maiden, Spinner of Summer) Libra (Air Maiden, Spinner of Autumn) Capricorn (Earth Maiden, Spinner of Winter)

Cardinal is the energy of beginnings, assertive new, and generally considered pushy for the energy that it represents. The gifts of Cardinal represent an ability to create new projects and ideas, to invent and motivate.  Cardinality is the engine of creation, the muscle of the cosmic body, motivating the spinning of the year wheel, and she tends to charge in without looking and on her own accord!  Left to her own devices without any other energy Cardinal energies may burn themselves out quickly, or may excitedly jump from one idea to another without ever finding conclusion or fruition.  To continue the creation process this maiden needs to find the mother, Fixed energies...

Fixed: Layer of  Weave, Maintainer, orderor, Energies of Structure and Stasis
Taurus (Earth Mother, Weaver of Spring) Leo (Fire Mother, Weaver of Summer) Scorpio (Water Mother, Weaver of Water) Aquarius (Air Mother, Weaver of Air)

The Fixed mode is the mode of continuation, of structure of discipline.  What cardinal invents, whether in Season or element,  Fixed carries and establishes.  If Cardinal mode is the engine of creation, then fixed
What cardinal begins, fixed takes and orders, institutionalizes if you will.  If Cardinal is the muscles,or engine then Fixed provides the skeleton, the iron frame.  Fixed energy loves order loves structure and keeps things going.  Alone, fixed energies may be intractably rigid, and left to its own devices fixed energy would fall to a cold rigid endless stasis.  Cardinal and fixed alone would leave us with the painful reality of the riddle of the unstoppable force and immovable option.  Left only to Fixed energy all projects would be endlessly refined, in order to finish a job, we need to learn to bend, to transition to end.  We need to take the fixed energies and translate them into the Mutable...

Mutable:  Cutter of chords, transitioner, bender, mulch maker, energies of entropy
Gemini (Krone of Air, Transitioner of Spring) Virgo (Krone of Earth, Transitioner of Summer) Sagitarius (Krone of  Fire, Transitioner of Autumn) Pisces (Krone of Water, Transitioner of Winter-and the year)

The fixed mode is the mode of softening and transitions, it is the energy of changeability and ultimately of release.  If Cardinal is the Muscle and engine, Fixed the Skeleton and metal frame, then Mutable is the hinges, the joints of the universe.  Mutability is the power of adjustment, of fluidity.  Mutable is  the call to reform reformulate to finish and move on. Mutability loves diverse ideas and many options.  Alone mutable energies would find the lowest point and sit there and are generally quite undecided and fickle.  Mutable energy sets a marvelous stage for change, but without the coming of something new, why it would stagnate at the end of all things.  To continue the cycle of creation, this mutable transition must embrace the new, must rise with a new Cardinal force... etc etc
It is best to learn to be able to embrace all these energies.  Not at every moment, because truly to function well it is best that spring follow winter and summer spring.  Likewise, fixed needs to follow Cardinal, Cardinal mutable and Mutable fixed.  It is a process of flow.  We open a new idea, we flush it out, we finish it up and transition assessing the process and beginning anew!
While it is good to always learn and expand our abilities in such things, we need not pressure ourselves to be all things to all projects, just to be able to work with people who can pick up where we leave off, and from these people, we get a vantage point to learn such things...

A Meditation:

"I open to each time.  I open to the creative forces within me, the structure and discipline and the flexibility consideration and understanding when to move on.  Powerful and alive, time is somthing I do not what is done to me."

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Anxiety & Insecurity: Divination abuse and when Good Astrology (or Tarot etc) Goes Bad!

If something directs you back to your values, encourages your intuition and empowers you to confidence in your decision making abilities, then your doing it right.  If you find yourself constantly checking outside sources to make every little decision (or to convince you of what you want to believe, or relieve you of what you fear) its not.

It really is that simple.  Here's the deal, you gotta know that you are the ultimate authority in your life, and there are wonderful tools and great ways of looking at things to find new angles, deepen your perspective or even help you find a general path through difficulties that feels good to you.

But if you find yourself caught in fear? STOP it ain't working.  The first step is believing in yourself, the second is finding your intuition and mind.  If anything steers you away from that, its abusing you, and your abusing it.

My mind, my body and my spirit are one.  I am the lead authority on all these.  I accept advice and counsel of all kinds but know that mine is ultimately the only perspective, the only decision that counts.  I believe in my point of view and trust myself fully to do the best that I can, always.

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A Contemplative Magick, A Transcendence within the World: Neptune retrograde Pisces/Aquarius Quentil Jupiter in Taurus

Neptune and Jupiter have a special relationship.  Neptune shares the ruler ship of Jupiter's classical "night house" Pisces.  Need a translation?  All the classical Planets (those visible with the naked eye) ruled 2 signs, one designated the day house (which typical had the more outgoing characteristic) and one the night (the more introspective). 

Jupiter correlates to ideas of expansion, attitudes of hope, ethics positivity and yes, luck (because after all luck is, as has been discussed earlier in articles about Jupiter, mostly a matter of good attitude and receptiveness to opportunity.  Pisces, the night house of Jupiter is about an internal expansiveness, about the loosening of presuppositions, about the opening to spirituality and about the openness to dreams and transcendence.

In the modern system these concepts in addition to remaining partially a matter of Jupiter's night house are more specifically assigned to Neptune, this mysterious dream creature, this universal solvent of ideas, and this mystic cosmic nameable soup, a sea of mystic inspiration that ironically produces the embers of inspiration while symbolizing and embracing the end of the year and dissolution of all things.

Right Now Neptune is in retrograde, which turns that spiritual eye inward in an Assessment of the self, and on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp it finds itself in a powerful place to renew, reform reflect and reinvent our relationship to spirit, our dreams, and just our sense of Magick itself.

How interesting that the mysterious mystical inward focus should be caught in a type of aspect almost intrinsically linked with the idea of magick mystery and creativity- the Quentil.  The Quentil is a relationship between 2 things so dissimilar that they are able to create something bold exciting unexpected and new.  Two things so seemingly inharmonious that when brought together they produce such an unusual vantage point from which to see the world that genius is often apt to follow should we allow ourselves to be open and receptive to it.  This quentil is between Jupiter in Taurus, fixed steady, earth.  Indicating a tendency to steady stable growth slow expectant growth in ideas and physical matters.

In Ethiopia there is a practice that men of a certain age will sometimes have a vision of the holy spirit.  Then go into the mountains and live as a secluded monk.  These holy men go into the mountains with only a mallet and a stone chisel, and chisel chapels out of the sheer stone of the mountains.  There are men of this mystical service that have produced hundreds of chapels one mallet stroke at a time.

This is the sort of idea that we are working with.  In this case, though on the cusp of Aquarius our chapels may not be built in the mountain, but perhaps in the city, perhaps elsewhere, but within the direct human experience and with the mindset of both the spiritualist and the social reformer.

While this is happening Neptune sextils Pluto in Capricorn, drawing a fertile ground to re imagine our social political and financial institutions and our relationships to them, this of course trines back to that Tauran Jupiter, giving us that one-step at a time perspective.

I open myself to the Magick that comes from structured loving methodical practice.  I open my heart to the Magick that comes from a daily embrace of personal power and responsibility, and the genius of contemplation married to humble service and an openness to the visionary everyday nature of every spirit, especially my own.  I Believe first in my ability to make change if just a little at a time, and the universe Smiles back.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Virgo/ Grand Trine Earth, Seasons Change and a Harvest of Focus and Future

If I could name this season it would be the Season of Virgo and perhaps her compliment Pisces.  Not just because the sun is in Virgo, marking the coming of harvest, but specifically the kind of harvest that there is to reap, after a challenging few years of wear and toil (culminating this Winter through Summer)  we stand poised to reap that most Virgonian of harvests, the practical focus and plans for strategy. 

Like every "mutable" sign Virgo Marks a transition from one season to another.  Mutability allows for the bending and blurring so that a new thing (in one case a season) can come to pass and another may slip away.  Virgo marks the end of the Summer, the beginning of the Autumn.  But so much more so than the simple change of the year such an idea is prominent at this time far beyond that of the average Season.

The difficult trials that have been characterized by the Cardinal T square between Saturn, Uranus and Pluto is slowly unravelling, allowing us to embrace the conclusions that come when we examine our lack of responsibility to our personal power  given to and our responsibilities for our institutions.  The accountability of communication and negotiation  within a basic human relationships, and honest commitment to expanding our spoken ideals.  Heady stuff, and laying on us thickly for about 2 years!  Now as this slowly pulls apart we are freed to embrace the wisdom of hard toil.  Plus there is a thing or 2 going on in the sky that pushes these ideas even further...

To begin Sun Moon and Venus, all conjunct in Virgo implies:  Our sense of Identity Beauty and Desire (pleasure) and our sensitivities are vibrating together to the Virgonian tune.  Sensitive to practical matters, discerning (possibly even picky) with a tight attention to detail and a love of slow meticulous learning and a skilled job done with a tight attention to detail.

These are trined, and by trined we can say flow incredibly easily with and mutually encourage the qualities of  Pluto in Capricorn, which brings to light and heals our relationships between personal power and responsibility within our institutions.  We become aware of the corruption we have allowed in our name and the suffering and pain we make when we fail to take responsibility for our governments, economic systems etc etc.  Difficult issues, but clearly these things may build off one another, and in the long run these are indeed "goods"

This is trined to Jupiter, our sense of hope, our philosophical and material expansion and the way our processes and projects progress, which is in Taurus which is about measured regular and steady.  Here Jupiter sets a dependable pace and provides a sense of security.  Which of course gives us the support for all that lovely Virgo craftsmanship, focus and attention (and trines back to our sun etc in Virgo creating what we astrologers would call a grand trine Earth). 

In addition to this lovely intellectual-physical bounty we are presented with what may at first feel like a bit of a difficulty Sun and Venus in Virgo opposing Chiron and Neptune in Pisces.  To make a long story short, our Pisces Aquarius cusp Neptune calls us to a very high spiritual ideal of transcendence and reform, while its conjunction to Chiron in this place creates a marriage between our spirituality and our sense of turning our own past pains into good for the world, the spiritual becomes personal the personal political and politics are called to be set aside for the social good.  These things clearly go together well, as One would assume that the Virgo Sun and Venus could set the plan and be the architect of those Aquarian-Pisces drives, and yet there can be a tendency to become impatient on the Pisces Aquarius side, wanting the ideal now, and a tendency to pick apart the ideals in terms of practicality by the Virgo... The trick here, allow the doing now part of you to do now, allow the desiring for the future to know that the doing now part is just making steps to get there, and let the getting there now part be happy with that and keeps it nose out of the grand vision, and both will be more at ease!

There may be surprisingly dramatic opportunities for surprisingly radical lessons, often involving rather sudden moves or life transformations often surrounding travel (or the appearance of travelers) in terms of changing our emotional love and sensitivities and how we think of attractions of all kinds. Pholos in Sagittarius Square to Moon Venus Conjunction in Virgo.

And finally a few Sextils:  Sextils are things that bear tremendous opportunity for growth between energies, but must be actively pursued.  The moon (our feelings and sensitivities) in Virgo, picky discerning attending to details but with a mind to care taking in a practical physical way trine to Mars  (aggression, motivation and how we go after things) in Cancer Reactive, protective and motivated supremely by issues of home and family.  Here our motivations can bring the emotional passion of the family and creating safe personal space to the emotional need to build a plan, and the new plan can nurture that force.

And finally:  This shall last a very long time but is worth bearing in mind:  Pluto in Capricorn Trined to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces (technically cusp of Aquarius, but the Aquarian aspect slowly fades while the Pisces builds).  Because all parties involved moved very slowly this is a potent them to keep an eye on and it is this:

The fore mentioned recognition of the power imbalances of our institutions and our tendencies to give up our personal responsibility, and therefore power, to them, as well as our personal responsibility for them, gives us a time when we may choose to profoundly redefine what the very meaning of our spirituality means and create new moments and movements and ways of viewing our lives capable of redefining how we relate to the big idea of what it means to be spirit, but perhaps more importantly what it means to be in this grand miraculous love affair of spirit and manifestation, order and chaos, Earth and Rain and Fire and Wind that we call incarnation, the fastest form of which we presume to call life (as if this universe is ever anything but alive)  How we may own our own power and responsibility to remake the idea of the institution to provide the kind compassionate scaffolding for a very personal human vision of reality and an expansive inclusive equality, embracing the rhythm of the earth and sky and the music of the spheres!

I am thankful for the harvest of focus and understanding.  I embrace the gifts of understanding.  I build a world of love and compassion with nurturing order and creative invigorating chaos.  I build a new house and I call it Love.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Smithy to the Ivory Tower: Learning to Make the Good the Ally of the Eventual Ideal (Venus-Sun Conjunct Opposing Neptune-Chiron Conjunct, Virgo/Leo-Aquarius/Pisces Axis)

FDR needed Truman.  Kirk needed Scotty.  Frodo needed Samwise.  The Light elves need the Dark Elves.  The Vault of the Heavens needs the good dark earth.  Idealism needs design, mechanism, labor.  It is way too easy to allow ourselves to walk away from opportunities that may not fit the highest ideal we have, because they simply do not, but then again if it gets us closer it is worth looking into.

Case in point right now we find ourselves balancing just such energies.  The Sun- our sense of identity, and Venus, our desire sense of Beauty and pleasure are holding court on the cusp of Virgo (dealing with practical down to earth skepticism and design), allowing for the appreciation of picky-ness in terms of the details, but also appreciating the elegance of simply making things work- The Leo side says just do it, and the Virgo side says make it simple elegant, and mechanically work.  Meanwhile, opposing  (or as I like to point out within every opposition lies the possibility of a useful compliment) are Chiron and Neptune both in retrograde, conjunct and straddling the border of Aquarius and Pisces.  Lets break that one down for you as well: Neptune represents a kind of spiritual mood, that governs our connections to all things (vague-but such is the nature of Neptune, hard to pin down like the core of the spiritual experience itself)  Chiron, the way we take the pains of our experience and turn them into positives in terms of the future and the big picture.  In conjunction a sense of the transcendent and deep spirituality is merged and empowered by the idea of re birthing a new world to  make life better.  When this occurs on the Pisces Aquarius cusp, it is especially potent, pressing us to redesign (Aquarius) and spiritually connect to this work.  It is a placement that calls to our highest spiritual Ideals, while the sun and Venus are calling to our highest practical ideals.  

This may feel at times like a grand contradiction, as the ideals of spirit must always be negotiated with the just as real and important "ideals" of the craftsman.  The trick? Understand that every step is a step in time, we can move slowly toward both ideals if we start by moving closer to both.  In other words we have to abandon the false notion that we may find the perfect and rest, and understand that both of these ideals represent equally important ways of plotting our course, and that indeed it is never our intent to find a place to sit, but to move ever forward.  When we understand things in this way we may do what works best right now in terms of both, and recognize that we are always in a state of negotiation on all levels.

Every Ivory tower has a dirty blacksmith that cares for it, and that blacksmith loves the tower with all of his heart.

I embrace the practical and possible in pursuit of the grand and ideal.  Accomplishing more than I thought was possible while moving more and more in line with my hopes and ideals.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A House of Bricks Makes for Happy Piggies Grand Trine-Kite Led By Moon Conjunct Mars in Cancer

Pluto in Capricorn continues to shine light on inequities an power relationships.  To question our relationships to the power of institutions, and how our failures to engage and challenge and claim the responsibility for them lead to dark places.  Pluto calls upon us to heal by embracing right honest and appropriate use and relationships with power in commerce, in the Law, the Rules.  This powerful motivation leads to careful optimism, slow steady increasing of  both what we want, and what we expect from our lives and selves.  Jupiter in Taurus represents a force very nurturing to these possibilities, expanding our ideas of possibilities with a slow careful consistency.  This consistency gives us the a secure place from which to consider things.  Venus, our sense of beauty, joy and desire, Mercury- the way we see the facts and communicate them, and the Sun- our sense of identity are all joined together tightly and in Virgo in precisely the best place to take advantage of this!  Here we may be discerning and concentrate on exactly what we expect our system, our growth and our relationships to power need to be.  This describes the grand trine earth present right now.

What's more, our sense of emotional sensitivity- the moon is in its most powerful place, and lined up (conjunct) in energy (and placement) with the way we push forward and how we pursue things (Mars), and from a Cancer point of view the focus is on protecting the home, the family and more precisely the energies and conditions of family love and how we take care of each other.  Should we choose, and I'm here to tell you its such a great idea, we may take what feels like a reserved mood, and a protective feeling, to use those great productive earthy motivations we spoke of a moment ago, to huddle up with those we love, and begin building those wonderful worlds we wish to live in, among those we love the most.  Explore what radical security based on love, care and idealistic equality and honesty can mean.


Love is an arrangement among equals.  Love is the responsibility to share power.  Love is the responsibility to wield our own power and do the work that comes with it.  I open myself to my personal power and in doing the heavy lifting of life take care of myself and those I care for.  I expect the same from those I love, and grow strong together.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Virgo: Grows Outward and Opens to Negotiation

This is the third in a series of articles focusing on progressions and growth for each of the 12 solar signs.

As the sun enters into Virgo the symbol of the harvest, we congratulate our Virgonian friends on that beuatiful moment we are gifted with once a year to revisit what it means to be us, as time goes by.   What we astrologers call a "solar return" (a birthday).  here we gift you my solar Virgo friends with a look at the lessons a Virgo is working through over the course of their lives.
And as we did for Cancer,and then Leo approximately a month ago each, respectively, here we look at Solar Virgo in terms of the progression [For more info on progressions]  which is the natural place that the characteristics of a planet grow into.  In this we retain old abilities, while acquiring new "energetic tools" in our tool belts.  Always remembering that progressions only come into full play when we make the effort to grow and actively engage in life.

Planets in Virgo are naturally progressing  first into  Libra  then  Scorpio and eventually Sagitarius...  The sun sign is the easiest progression to follow.  A progressed placement may be calculated beginning with the natal chart.  For every year a person has been alive you just add exactly 24 hours to the chart you are looking up (even easier, most programs and websites will also do this for you). 

For a detailed description on how a progressed chart is calculated please see the explanation in the Cancer articleand the article on progressions.

Remember Virgo, when we talk about the sun progressing into Libra, we are not talking about an automatic fore-gone conclusion, but a likely end result of paying attention and actively participating in life.

Sometimes, we define ourselves mentally and stubbornly refuse to learn, or just become oblivious to our hearts desire as it evolves.  Often we sink into a numb unhappiness that we are barely aware of.  The solution?  FOCUS ON YOUR PROGRESSIONS!

The first goal of every Virgo is to master the realms of Libra. There is a natural progressive flow from Virgo to Libra, from Libra to Sagitarius and because of the natural way these flow from one to another one cannot learn the progressions of Sagitarius without first mastering those of Libra.  They really operate as stepping stones in many ways.

So in case it ain't obvious always stop where you left off, and don't ever be limited by ANYTHING!  If you feel you have mastered Libra and it does not appear your progressed sign is yet into Sagitarius, don't worry keep learning,  the progression represents a rough approximation of what someone is likely to have been able to accomplish.  Challenge yourself, just remember to take it one step at a time!  There is always a new skill to acquire a new fabulous way of doing things!

SO, conscientious Virgo as we enter into your solar returns, (birthday to the uninitiated) let me offer you some thoughts!

First love everything about who you are.

Then: Learn to negotiate.  Learn to plan for no winners and no losers.  Find what it means to create a good solution for the "USes" in general rather than the us and them's or the me and hims.  Learn to feel light and graceful.  These are the lessons of Libra.

Next: Learn to claim personal power by facing shadows, and refusing to give away our power.  Seize your emotional strength through emotional responsibility and holding the line on where you place the trust of your heart.  Love fiercely.  These are the lessons of Scorpio.

Next: Learn to take chances loosen up, see the world optimistically and embrace the exciting adventure of it all, as you embrace Sagitarian flow!

If you have gotten far enough in your personal growth to need the next step after Sagittarius , you deserve at least enough of a break to wait for the beginning of Virgo and my blog on her progressions!

Good luck, great growth and much much  much Love!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Making Belief, Embracing Bliss

Remember the first step in doing anything is the belief in its possibility.  Without this step, you will never do anything that is worth doing.  If this seems insurmountable, do not worry.  This like all tasks may be broken down into bite size pieces making them easier to swallow.  Its all about breaking a goal down to the smallest pieces you can believe in.  The idea of getting 1,000 dollars (for example) may be difficult, but the idea of getting 5 dollars is easy.  The idea of getting 5 dollars a day, seems pretty reasonable as well.  Having  500 dollars after 100 days may therefore seem reasonable, and 1,000 after 200.  (Follow this out and its amazing what you can accomplish!)  
I would advise everyone to set their goals for emotional outcomes IE to feel good, to feel fulfilled, and be loose about how we get there.  But at the end of the day, accomplishment is simply the ability to find the way to believe in something and execute that belief.

Another way that this idea functions has to do with reducing something to the simplest desire.  For example I want to have the love of my life may be emotionally overwhelming and hard to believe.  immediately our own insecurities pop up and jump horribly in our way.  "Am I good enough?" is anyone else good enough?

But i find it useful to de-dramatise and simplify what is wanted, for example.  "I want to find someone profoundly and personally spiritually engaging, and have them return the feeling.  Somehow isn't this easier to believe in?  What's the difference one is loaded with all kinds of assumptions (we may not realize we have) that come from all kinds of places other than our actual hearts or selves, and in the end it is all these little things and assumptions that get in the way and sabotage our road to happiness.

Put simply everything that is actually desirable is in reach.

I release expectations and open to my bliss, step by step and in its essential.  I give gratitude to all the universe for the Joy I exist in every day.

An End of a Long Opposition, the Prefiguration of a New World: the Fog Begins to Part, and the Cock Crows Heralding the Return of the Sun

Where to begin?  There are essentially 3 major things going on right now.  Lets begin with something that has stopped.  Saturn has been opposing Uranus (and Square to Pluto) off and on for well better than 2 years, and has felt like a long consistent wear between a need to redefine the future, pushing forward in balance with a new birthing idealism (Uranus in Aries) and limitations and responsibility in negotiations and our relationships between people (Saturn in Libra) as well as the general issues of Saturn dealing with the powers of institutions and the state.    This has been squared on both sides by Pluto in Capricorn alluding to a questioning and bringing to light corruption in the law, institutional power and the financial sectors, calling us to examine the power we are giving away.  Just Recently Mars had moved into Opposition of Pluto, and Squaring off Uranus and Saturn, bringing a sense of personal aggression and forward motion to play.  Mars in Cancer's focus has been a defensive one focused on the protection of the family and children.  
Now as Uranus goes into retrograde vibrating with a questioning and redefinition of where we are going in terms of our ideals, Saturn has broken out of opposition, allowing finally for a new redefinition of our institutions.  As this continues, Saturn will slowly come out of square with Pluto and this rather trying energy will come to resolution.  Basically what this means is that we have been sitting in a place that forces us to question the lack of freedom in our institutions, the lack of equality in our world (Saturn Uranus) as these two planets move out of alignment, we begin to come to resolution on these ideas and the new world they called upon come to birth.  As this movement continues and as we move out of the squares in the next few weeks expect resolution on issues of power.  This does not let us off the hook.  It is now that we take all of that crazy soul-searching that the universe has called us to, all the fighting we have done and hold what we build and negotiate from here out to the standards of the ideals we birthed.  But ya, the dawn has begun.

I hold myself to a standard of openness and equality.  I recognize that every institution is at base based upon a simple human relationship.  I recognize that every relationship is a negotiated relationship.

Keep in mind that as all of this goes down Juno is conjunct to Saturn which means that we are called to precise in the now and border affirming negotiations in all our person to person dealings now more than ever.

This is trine to the moon in Gemini, bringing us into an emotional exploration of our social networks.  Essentially we are being called to rebuild our world, starting with our own human relationships.  

While all this is going on, why there is a Grand trine Earth.  Pluto Capricorn, Jupiter in Taurus, and Venus conjunct to the Sun in Virgo.  What does that mean?  Why that questioning of the dirty dealings in the institution is in a place to move forward in terms of real solid results showing long term promise (Jupiter in Taurus) plus our personal sense of beauty and just what we want and how we define ourselves is coming into easy flow with both the questioning of power and that slow steady building of practical possibilities signified by the Jupiter Taurus.  The moon Squares both the Venus and Neptune Chiron conjunction on the Pisces cusp (which opposes the sun and Venus. 

 Quite simply we are still being prickled to examine, especially on a personal level who we are in terms of our spiritual connection to the possibilities of the future, a future now coming increasingly into alignment with the new possibilities of our now expanded ability to embrace the promise of our ideals, and the goodness of our hearts and of all creation.  The fog begins to clear, the Dawn comes again.  The sun may not be over the horizon, but i can hear the rooster crow.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

I am more than Perfect, I am Open and Growing

When I allow myself the space to be imperfect, I open myself to being happier.  When I admit I don't know, I open myself to learning the truth.  Expectation is a failing to open to possibility, and every expectation is a missed chance at embracing spirit and mystic experience.

A Golden Opportunity For the Prettiest One, Tuning to a Cosmic Sense of Humor: Eris-Moon-Lilith conjunction Trine Venus-Sun-Mercury Stellium

Meet Eris!  Goddess, Dwarf planet, Metaphysical Veronica (or often JD) to our personal, metaphysical and political "Heathers".  Discovered fairly recently, your truly struggled as to whether to even bring her up today.  But as She comes conjunct (or lines up with) the moon, while Trining the Sun-Mercury-Venus Stellium it was just too interesting to pass up!

Why is Eris so exciting?  Because she represents the thing unconsidered that throws a wrench in our mechanism. She represents Plato's Unaccountable unknown and she makes herself known when we trip over our own arrogance.  Eris was the Greek goddess of  dischord, and was sometimes considered the sister of Ares (mars to the Romans).  She speaks to the truth that dischord comes naturally and that accord takes work, and more importantly humility.

Let us take a look at one of the stories of this Greek goddess as presented by the "Dischordians" a tongue in cheek theology devoted to her as told in the "Principia Dischordia or How I Met the Goddess and What I did to Her After I Met Her":

It seems that Zeus was preparing a wedding banquet for Peleus and Thetis and did not want to invite Eris because of Her reputation as a trouble maker.*This made Eris angry, and so She fashioned an apple of pure gold** and inscribed upon it KALLISTI ("To The Prettiest One") and on the day of the fete She rolled it into the banquet hall and then left to be alone and joyously partake of a hot dog.
Now, three of the invited goddesses,*** Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite, each immediately claimed it to belong to herself because of the inscription. And they started fighting, and they started throwing punch all over the place and everything.
Finally Zeus calmed things down and declared that an arbitrator must be selected, which was a reasonable suggestion, and all agreed. He sent them to a shepherd of Troy, whose name was Paris because his mother had had a lot of Gaul and had married a Frenchman; but each of the sneaky goddesses tried to outwit the others by going early and offering a bribe to Paris.
Athena offered him Heroic War Victories, Hera offered him Great Wealth, and Aphrodite offered him the Most Beautiful Woman on Earth. Being a healthy young Trojan lad, Paris promptly accepted Aphrodite's bribe and she got the apple and he got screwed.
As she had promised, she maneuvered earthly happenings so that Paris could have Helen (the Helen) then living with her husband Menelaus, King of Sparta. Anyway, everyone knows that the Trojan War followed when Sparta demanded their Queen back and that the Trojan War is said to be The First War among men.
And so we suffer because of the Original Snub. And so a Discordian is to partake of No Hot Dog Buns.
Do you believe that?

So here is the deali-hoo, hot dogs and buns aside, When Jupiter ignored/ failed to engage Eris, she still caused  all kinds of problems.  Why?  Because she exits to point out what we can not see because we don't know to look for, specifically within the realm of our social and psychological experience!

And right now?  Why the moon has come Conjunct to her, and Lilith (that governor of all things we are emotionally hiding from) and doing it in Aries.  

Translation?  Emotionally we are being called to confront the things we A.  emotionally hide from and B. need to learn and just are unaware of. 
Not only this but The Sun is still in Stellium (3 or more bodies in the same spot in the sky from our vantage point) with Venus and Mercury (still in retrograde) in Leo.  Which means a warm playful, possibly over-confident manner runs us directly into this MARVELOUS learning opportunity.

The moon is also in opposition to Saturn in Libra, which can mean a sense of insecurity and lack of emotional stability because in Libra Saturn can make negotiations and diplomacy difficult and constricted.  This of course intern may feel isolating from our social networks and emotional support.

So lets show the inherent positivity and grand opportunity in all of this!   Lets address Saturn.  The answer to a difficulty with Saturn is always one of habit and ongoing commitment.  In this case it really is about making sure we are going out of our way to connect on a day to day basis.  Make the time in the moment for friends, and to listen to our needs and those of others.

And the bigger issue?  The heart and soul of prospering from this and enjoying the good energy of it is quite simply Humility, the Secret message of trickster Eris.  But what is humility?  Humility is a limberness of spirit, heart and head.  Humility is NOT self deprecation (in fact self deprecation is the enemy of humility).  Humility is being attuned to the Cosmic Sense of Humor.  Releasing expectations, releasing the need to believe that we have it all figured out.

We must address life actively in an understanding that every moment is a learning opportunity, and a teachable moment.  Every short-coming is just a new thing to master.  After all when we are honest with ourselves no one can possibly master everything, thus we are always learning when engaged.  It can be scary,, particularly with the presence of both Eris and Lilith, but imagine how strong this lesson can make you.  Besides all this is is the affectionate ribbing of a Cosmic older sibling, who just wants us to loosen up, and let go of our need to know, so that we may embrace our love of learning and ultimately of life.

When I stumble, I laugh with the Universe.  When I stumble I learn from that moment.  When I stumble I open myself to engagement with life, learn to let go of expectations, and learn.  When I fall, I learn how to miss the ground, and fly.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Don't Be Insecure-Agitate, serve and Love! and the Healing Power of mystical Contemplation: Grand Cardinal Square Uranus conjunct the Moon, and other stuff In Vesta We Trust

As we scan the sky, most of what we have been talking about all week is still in play or tightened up (which generally means its intensified) Mercury has zoomed back into Leo and tightened into a very tight Stellium (where 3 or more planets appear to occupy very nearly the same spot in the sky from an earth-bound vantage point).  Meaning?  Our sense of pleasure, beauty and how we tend to attract are closely aligned with the way we think and communicate (self talk and others talk if you will, in this case turned to self examination- IE retrograde) and our general sense of self identity are all lined up in the same general "mood."  Leo represents this mood, and by this we may translate it as warm open playful and proud, and generous. There is still a Grand Cardinal Cross with Mars in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra.  The meaning?  Pluto-power plays, the power we give away dirty deals and the lessons of claiming our own power is hanging in Capricorn, the house of the Law, Finance the Powers that be. 

Translation?  We are being forced to deal with inequalities discrepancies and fundamental corruption present in the overall system.  This agitates a position of Saturn who rules over boundaries and limitations, and may when approached poorly causes a general sense of lack in the places it is present (urging us to be in the moment and take things one day at a time i would argue) is hanging out in Libra who rules over negotiations and human relationships, especially romantic ones but anything requiring negotiation or diplomacy.  

What does this mean?  These combine to make a powerful lack of trust a general breakdown of interpersonal relationships and an ungenerous miserly attitude emotionally and economically.   Or it can be the beginning of a powerful influence to rethink the way we do business.  Lets continue.  Pluto also Squares Uranus- set over ideals the onward march of the future and big mindedness in Aries who pushes forward hard does not look back and may tend to charge over people, This Uranus is also opposing that Saturn.  And again here let's restate it simply:  As a world there is a palpable compelling and grandly impatient desire to rewrite the rules, to redefine the game in what we perceive to be more just.  This agitates and is agitated by that sense of corruption in our institutions, and that sense of lack and inability to negotiate.  So far so good.  

Now recently Mars who is set over the way we go after what we want, our general motivations, and when poorly handled aggression and temper is hanging in Cancer, which is defensive and protective of our families and those we love.  This is squaring both Uranus and Saturn and opposing Saturn.  Translation?  We find our tempers easily set off because it is a profoundly frustrating time.  Now, the moon has just come conjunct to Uranus, and now its personal.  The moon represents our emotional senses and conjunct to Uranus in Aries she longs for change in a powerful way.  If ignored  she makes us feel insecure.  That moon and Uranus are inconjunct (aka Quincunx) to the sun, Venus Mercury Stellium, which means that we can easily fall into this insecurity because that conscious (Mercury) Identity based (Sun) and attraction, sense of pleasure (Venus) have trouble seeing each other... and its even harder to nail down what we want.  

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Neptune in retrograde is conjunct to Chiron in retrograde in Pisces, saying that our spiritual quest is turned inward in deep contemplation as is our way of translating the pain of our personal story into greater healing... We are spiritually wrestling on so many levels with finding a clarity.  Neptune is Quentil Jupiter in Taurus, Jupiter in Taurus means that we expand and make progress slowly steadily and with great certainty when we just do it, no big plans just next steps.  This quentil relates directly to the marvelous opportunity for spiritual growth through contemplative service I spoke of yesterday.  This is a time to search for how service fits into our lives and how to find those things that bring the world to what we want.  Step by step inch by inch slowly building.  This is an incredibly fertile opportunity, it is in these moments that we may find the treasures of community and glories we want to bring.  Heed that Neptune and Chiron and know that our spirit longs for a new world that protects and nurtures in all those ways we wish it could have!  Embrace that Moon-Uranus in Aries agitation for a new world!  Let our introspection and sense of frolicking in the sun be around while acknowledging the need and desire to change things and move forward in Equality, with healed community, healed relationships, and the faith that we are being drawn to that better world!

Finally we hang the Last little piece on Vesta, an asteroid set over how we change our lives and gain through Service.  Vesta is retrograde (turned inward in examination) trine (flows easily) to Saturn... IE the difficulties of lack in our human relationships boundaries etc make us long to find a new service within our communities, Vesta is in Aquarius and again retrograde which means we are poised to redefine the idea of service in light of a new justice equality and possibility we wish to come.  Vesta is Sextil

I open to a new vision.  I open to a vision of a kind compassionate egalitarian world.  I open to a place of service and the joy of working for and with my fellow beings and spirit.  I have faith that my heart knows the way, or at least will know the next place that is best to go.  I have faith that the crops grow, and that the river finds its way to the sea.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Grand Cardinal Martial Cross: It Feels Personal and Serious, Try not to take it that way

A side note: With a grand cross involving Mars (Cancer) Pluto (Capricorn) Uranus (Aries) Saturn (Libra).  It is easy to get caught up in arguments and get very defensive.  Everyone involved may feel like they are under attack.  Try to pull back and disengage if you start getting too riled.  Remember it is when we attach ourselves to the role of the victim that we are likely to victimize others without knowing it.  If you cannot have a 2 sided conversation breath and give it some time till you can.  Mercy for another may be the best gift you ever give yourself... If not silence to and from another may be the second best one.  Sometimes its best just to refuse to continue an argument.

"I participate in two sided conversations.  I only engage when I feel I may do so as an equal, and sometimes that takes time and space."

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Play, Pray, Work.

Let's take todays astrological advice one step at a time...

Jupiter in Taurus Quentil Neptune Retrograde Pisces-Cusp of Aquarius...
There is a profound magick, a beautiful mystery available through the act of sustained effort in service of our goals and communities allied with quiet meditations on spiritual unity and our place within it.

Mars in Cancer Sextil Jupiter in Taurus...
There is a natural broadening of our opportunities available when we enlist a familial focus on the way we seek whatever it is we seek.  

Mars in Cancer Trine Neptune Pisces-Cusp of Aquarius...
There is a natural flow between a spiritual contemplation and a social emphasis on how we go after what ever we wish to go after.

Sun Conjunct Venus in Leo Conjunct Mercury Retrograde in Virgo
How we think about ourselves, how we define ourselves, and how we find beauty and pleasure (how we attract and what we are attracted to) are in close alignment with an attention to detail in terms of our self analysis, but an open playful side on our sense of attractionsjoy and identity... think playfully intent.  

Sun, Venus (Leo) Mercury (Retrograde Virgo) Opposing Neptune (Retrograde Pisces-Aquarius Cusp)
Thus, these 3 concepts may feel at odds with that spiritual sense, yet in truth there is an opportunity to provide for each other something each lacks. Lets break it down:  While identity and pleasure and thought are exploring our lives actively, we may use a sense of spirit to enrich this.  It is in the end a simple matter of care and remembering to realize that every story of physical identity, every story of passion every story of manifestation is at heart a story of spirit.  Play, focus on attention to details, and pray.  these things may sound horribly disparate, but not really.  These are the story of childhood.  Play is the exploration of identity after all.  A child pretends to cook, to go to work, to do all the things an adult will.  The attention to details in the light-hearted play of a child is astonishing.  This is what psychologists call modelling, and what may be described as learning, and what is the heart of play.  Beyond that it is a child's prayer for future, as is every moment of play in which we engage.  When we make our work play, and contemplation we pray ourselves a grand life, and the universe answers, always.

So Here's some Advice:
The greatest prize, the most wondrous wealth to be found now (or perhaps ever- but available to you in gang-busters right now) is to be found from an understanding of what we want our lives to mean.  A joyful, playful focus on this opens ourselves, and spirit and matter will lead a way, step by step, providing everything needed for the spirit of its manifestation (remain loose-always, play is more fun when we are open to new surprises from our playmates).  With loving playful work, prayerful spirit and thanks the wheat grows.  The Miller's wheel spins as a prayer wheel of Earth. Each Planet a prayer wheel in the cosmos (and the Galaxy, and even universe itself a grand prayer wheel, a whirling dervish, a spiral dance of existence).  Each meal is a prayer for life, each moment a prayer of existence.  With every drop of sweat released in thanks, each breath of joy, each moment, we walk with spirit through the stars, on a grand quest into the next dawn.  A train of prayer to all points unknown.

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