Friday, July 29, 2011

7/29 Leo Stellium: Sun, Moon, Venus: Basking in the Sunshine of the Heart

While I caution you that, yes, much of the challenging vibrations we have confronted all summer are still in play (to get an idea check out the article dated 7/28)... But Lets talk about a treat, that we all need to enjoy... because we are all being challenged, and hey take your joy when it comes, It gives us the ability to deal creatively with challenge... creativity and a sense of humor is how challenging circumstances are transformed into rewarding ones...

Again this is an energy that will continue and actually become more intense over the next few days, giving us a little gift to cherish over this warm happy weekend.  A stellium- which is a conjunction of 3 or more bodies.  And a conjunction are when objects in the sky come together closely.  In terms of astrological analysis it means the energies represented by the bodies involve merge, and from merging become far more powerful!  
So let's look at what we got going on:
The sun, the Moon and Venus are conjunct and really get closer together over the next few days... this is all happening around the cusp of Leo and Cancer right on the Leo side.  What does this mean?  Our identity (the sun) is in its own house of Leo, bringing a strength of identity, giving confidence and personal warmth, the moon conjunct here, riding the cancer border giving us a sensitivity to others (through the cancer) while giving us a sense of personal emotional security playfulness and warmth, add to that an open jovial sunny sense of beauty pleasure and desire (Venus in Leo) and you have the makings of a romp through the sunshine of your life personally.

Now in addition to the long-standing Saturn-Pluto-Uranus T-square (which has been discussed at length), there is also a Mars- Pluto-Uranus Tsquare (also Cardinal, Mars in Cancer, opposing Pluto in Capricorn, both square Uranus-Ceres conjunct in Aries)  What does this mean?  Mars, the way we go after what we want, our internal motivator, source of aggression (when out of balance) source of personal motivation, is sensitive reserved, and defensive/protective while somewhat philosophical and social (Cancer Gemini cusp) which is opposing Pluto- Power relationships, and corruption in the house of the Law money and order (Capricorn) both rubbing up against Uranus and Ceres conjunct (Ceres-how we nurture and let go, Uranus, the march forward of the future, ideals, revolution and agitation) which is on the cusp of Pisces and Aries which is about dissolution of the old and its complete replacement.  This Forces us to come to grips with an understanding of what we want, the power we own, the responsibility we accept, and keeping all of that in line with our ideals on both a grand and personal level... quite a challenge..

But the grand trine we spoke of yesterday is also still in play... 

Basically here's the deal, keep questioning, sit with your discomfort, but in the meantime, enjoy the sunshine, in the world, in your heart... Sometimes the best thing we can do is focus on the simple attainable joys within arms reach, to give us strength for the great philosophical decisions of our reality, and practical decisions... So for goodness sake, enjoy the Sun.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Grand Trine Earth, Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto: Growing in Stregnth, in measure, and in Integrity

As we look into the astrological charts today, we are confronted by two energies that will be with us for a while, but are really very important to look at, so lets begin!
Lets start with the "softer" of the 2, which is a grand earth trine (for those of you unaware of what a grand trine is,it is when three planets/objects, when connected, form a perfect equilateral triangle on the chart).  
We begin with the cardinal point (in a grand trine all planets are in a sign of the same element, in this case Earth, and each operate out of a different "temperamental" energy, Cardinal, Mutable, Fixed).  Cardinal represents beginnings and is known for agitation in favor of the characteristics of the element involved (in this case Earth).
Capricorn is our Cardinal energy for Earth, and laying claim to that corner of our grand trine is slow moving, power oriented, and surgeon who brings corruption of power to light (sometimes by raising its visibility) Pluto...  
Pluto continues to show the inequities in the houses of the law, economics, the Patriarchal powers and the institutional establishment.  This placement of Pluto may tempt people to make crooked deals, but keep in mind under this influence we reap what we sow very strongly.  Remember when we gain dishonestly (and allowing ourselves to "not know" is a bigger lie than when we lie to others first)  we are acting a grand prayer to the universe (as we do with every choice we make) and that prayer is saying, "I do not deserve what I need and what I want, because if I did I would have faith in my ability to get it honestly"
Now this powerful call to integrity in financial, legal and power dealings, this call to honestly claim our personal power flows easily into the fixed energy of Taurus (fixed is the energy of continuation, it steadies and brings commitment, dislikes change and can be somewhat rigid).  Jupiter is our Tauran corner of the trine, and represents, hope, positive attitude growth and expansion, and in Taurus Jupiter sets a steady sure footed and comfortable ongoing pace of growth, not fast but reliable, safe and dependable.  The patience of Taurus is not one for waiting, but an energy of enjoying the very process of growth and steady movement (which is really what patience is anyway).  The slow steady reliability of growth presents a field prime to rebuild and remake what Pluto reveals as corrupt. 
The final corner is of course mutable. Mutability represents an energy that is able to adapt to adjust to change.  In the case of earth, the sign in question is Virgo, and in this case it is Mercury (who is on the cusp of Virgo and Leo moving into Virgo).  Here mercury who rules thoughts, ideas and words, finds an articulation that is specific to the point and constructive.  Mercury here holds some confidence (from the Leo cusp) but also, and most importantly is a utilitarian application of information, a thought on design, and speaking to those ends.  Constructively critical Mercury in Virgo is poised perfectly to Analise and bring to definition, thought and word, the questions Pluto brings up.  It also gives analytical back-up to encourage the kind of growth Jupiter is bringing up!

The key here:  We are given this gift of clear head, to redesign our lives in light of a new embrace of our own personal power and responsibility, a slow responsible growth and an attention and awareness of details.

Now let's look at the 2nd configuration going on right now, shall we?

And here we have a new iteration of the grand cardinal cross that we have encountered earlier this summer.  In every case (this summer) it involves Saturn in Libra, Square Pluto in Capricorn, square Uranus (conjunct Ceres) in Aries (Uranus/Ceres opposing Saturn).  And as this cross was completed earlier by the sun and Venus, here the moon finishes the square while occupying its own house of Cancer.

Lets just sum this up quickly.  The uprisings and idealisms of our age at this moment is in a space of being full throttle forward, don't look back (AKA Uranus in Aries) is pushing against a sense of order and limitations to our sense of negotiation, and our relationships (Saturn in Libra) and both are agitating up against the way the Power dynamic is at work in the world particularly what is viewed as corruption in Economics legal matters, sexual politics and governance (Pluto in Capricorn).  Now, The moon pulls in opposing Pluto, squaring Saturn and Uranus.
Here the moon, our sensitivities finds itself on one side challenged by unpredictable change (Uranus in Aries), on the other by a sense of a lack of openness to negotiation, and therefore a closed-ness to (and therefore a seemingly scarcity of) intimacy, and finally this sense of corruption and giving away personal power in the face of the institution may leave an insecurity in our emotional states....
Here's the deal... Claim your power take your time and breath... this is all good...
Plus, there is a little trick... A Sextil is an interaction between bodies of complimentary, but not identical elements.  they represent 2 things that may be utilized together in a positive growth inducing way.  It is not automatic, so here is where I want everyone looking.  Between our cross and grand trine, we have a little sextil, capable of linking them, and supporting our moon, giving its strength to our sensitivities.  

Its between Jupiter and the moon.  The key?  Focus emotionally on the joy of the slow steady process.  Let the reliability and safety of the process that we have control over. enjoy literally watching the crops grow... and enjoy it.  Enjoy the everyday process of slowly moving forward.

"I find my security in the process of forward movement within myself and my life.  I find my power and inspiration from the coming of the new".

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mars, Moon opposing Pluto: Reaching for Empowerment, by Knowing What REALy Want

Today the moon is Conjunct to Mars in Gemini (Cancer cusp) opposed to Pluto in Capricorn.  A harsh sense of politics, possibly sexual politics, in the grand sense of what is considered "the rules" conventional institutions and the like are in opposition to both our sensitivities and drives.  When this occurs we must take this moment to examine what we really want.  by this I mean that we always want some kind of specific occurrence or physical object, physical standard etc, but upon examination usually what we want is simply a feeling that is either symbolized by the out-come we assume we want, or we assume that those feeling will come from getting  the outcome we are wishing for.

Lets ask ourselves for a second why we do this?  Because it is pretty clear that what we want are feelings, after all, and not physical outcomes.  This is obvious because when we think upon physical outcomes that we wanted that were not accompanied by those feelings we expected, not only are we dissatisfied, we are in fact often even LESS satisfied than we would be if we had neither the emotional outcome nor the physical one.

Again, Why do we do this?  The secret lies in the very astrology we are looking at.  The moon is about our emotions and sensitivities.  She has become conjunct to Mars, who was already opposing Pluto (and Squaring Uranus - and as mars progresses forward moving toward another grand Cardinal cross with Saturn in Libra).  Now the moon brings our sensitives directly in line with a conflict already present in our "drives" (mars). It makes it all more personal, and emotionally we feel more attached to it, but the crux of the energy sits between Mars Pluto and Uranus.

With this set of planets in the mix one can scarcely doubt that the central issue is power and control, and given the centrality of the opposition, let us begin by looking at that master of Power-play, Pluto.  Pluto suckers us into a power game of control.  Pluto issues are about the difference between power and control, because put quite simply they are not the same way.  Personal power may often be characterized by the release of technical control.  We smother too often our emotional needs with our specific physical outcome expectations.  So you have mars reactive and defensive on the Cancer cusp, advocating for the defense of our sensitivity- which is good, Pluto in Capricorn weaving the lesson of honesty with our desires and expectations, which is also good, and Uranus (our bastion of the unfolding future and idealism, the bringer of absolute change) in Aries pushing hard demanding a brave new world, and redefinition of the very idea of our lives and this too is good.

These are all goods, but together it may be challenging.  The Universe is trying to tune us, basically she is showing us a very fine point.  Earlier I used the expression conflict, but in truth it is less conflict and more an act of focusing to a point, a point that when we achieve it the outcome is truly outstanding.  This may be tricky, as often we are out of tune with the universal vibrations...

But fear not, there is some help in the Wings.  Neptune on the Pisces Aquarius cusp is trining Mars, and if we focus on that fuzzy powerful spiritual contemplative space that Neptune, especially on that charged Aquarian-Piscean border, we find our spiritual center which allows us to set aside manifestational assumptions and embrace the desires of spirit which are all about what emotionally feels better.

Plus there is a marvelous opportunity to key into Mercury, that master of information words and communication hanging out sextil to mars on the Leo-Virgo cusp, which has an energy of performance and play combined to an attention to detail, this may be utilized to strengthen our mars in pursuit of whatever it is we feel we want.

So the overall trick is simply thus:

Relax.  Let go of shoulds and presumed plans of what you want, let it all go fuzzy, connect with spirit, simply by closing your eyes breathing deeply, whenever something pops into your head, think "unimportant" until you feel peaceful.  (This is called meditation)  It may help from this point to feel the great love of the universe, it is abundant if we dimply expect it to be there and focus on it, it is.

Step 2
Think about what feelings you are after, if you want write them down. Find those feelings, and determine what things you can do right now to get you closer to those feelings.  If an idea returns you to something that you feel you can't have at the moment, return to step one... and don't expect these either, be prepared always to re-enter step 1, because what we want is a feeling. 

Step 3
Allow yourself to know that any feeling you want is attainable, and that if all you do is want it and move intuitively with your feelings, you will have it, as long as you sometimes remember to return to step 1.

Step 4

I embrace the abundant love and Joy the Universe holds for me.  I release control and receive personal power from faith and love, for that is the only power their is.  I ride forward into the brave new world following my heart in a steady joyful flow.  And every moment I remind myself of the abundance I live in, and that there is a more beautiful place to be only one step away, and I step.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Understanding Patience, Hope is Rising: Leo Sun-Venus conjunction Square Jupiter, Trine Uranus Conjunct Ceres

OK, so here's the thing.  Right now the sun and Venus are conjunct- that means that our sense of beauty attraction and what we want are tied up very close, and in fact they are intensifying our feelings about it, they are doing this on the warm friendly playful, yet compassionate cusp of Leo and Cancer.  While this is going on these two planets are trine a Uranus-Ceres Conjunction in Aries (on the Pisces Cusp).  It means that these energies are encouraging each other, and what Uranus-Ceres are doing is quite simply pushing for the extremely new, absolute change, and new experiences!  This flows easily into our sun and Venus, urging us on to new experiences.
At the same time Jupiter is squaring our Sun-Venus scenario, hanging in Taurus.  What does this mean, slow comfortable steady progress in growth and expansion.  Under these circumstances there may be a tendency to feel impatient, and agitated, after all we are ready for big new things, to charge ahead, and the pace although steady may leave a lot to be desired from one point of view.
The challenge here is to learn to enjoy the ride over the destination.  Enjoy the process.  Find the intriguing and new along the way.  We can make a lot of progress when we seem to be going nowhere, its called meditation, its called prayer, its called day to day joy.

I embrace the simple momentary joy of living, I enjoy the process of midwifing the world I want to live in.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Look Forward, my Leo

This is the second in a series of articles focusing on progressions and growth for each of the 12 solar signs.

We welcome the Sun back into its own native house of Leo for the year.  In celebration of what we astrologers call a "solar return", here we gift you my solar Leo friends with a look at the lessons a Leo is working through over the course of their lives.
And as we did for Cancer, approximately a month ago, here we look at Solar Leo in terms of the progression [For more info on progressions]  which is the natural place that the characteristics of a planet grow into.  In this we retain old abilities, while acquiring new "energetic tools" in our tool belts.  Always remembering that progressions only come into full play when we make the effort to grow and actively engage in life.

Planets in Leo are naturally progressing  first into  Virgo  then  Libra and eventually Scorpio...  The sun sign is the easiest progression to follow.  A progressed placement may be calculated beginning with the natal chart.  For every year a person has been alive you just add exactly 24 hours to the chart you are looking up (even easier, most programs and websites will also do this for you).

For a detailed description on how a progressed chart is calculated please see the explanation in the Cancer article and the article on progressions.

Remember Leo, when we talk about the sun progressing into Virgo, we are not talking about an automatic fore-gone conclusion, but a likely end result of paying attention and actively participating in life.

Ssometimes, we define an idea of ourselves and stubbornly refuse to learn, or just become oblivious to our hearts desire as it evolves.  Often we sink into a numb unhappiness that we are barely aware of.  The solution?  FOCUS ON YOUR PROGRESSIONS!

The first goal of every Leo is to master the realms of Virgo. There is a natural progressive flow from Leo to Virgo from Virgo to Libra, and because of the natural way these flow from one to another one cannot learn the progressions of Libra without first mastering those of Virgo.  They really operate as stepping stones in many ways.

So in case it ain't obvious always stop where you left off, and don't ever be limited by ANYTHING!  If you feel you have mastered Virgo and it does not appear your progressed sign is yet in Libra, don't worry keep learning,  the progression represents a rough approximation of what someone is likely to have been able to accomplish.  Challenge yourself, just remember to take it one step at a time!  There is always a new skill to acquire a new fabulous way of doing things!

SO, noble Leo, as we enter into your solar returns, (birthday to the uninitiated) let me offer you some thoughts!

First love everything about who you are.

Then :  Learn to analyze from a simple practical point of view.  Love the order of a straight line, and the elegance of the notion of intellectual and constructed perfection.  Embrace a focus on personal health and fitness.  Embrace speaking softly and straight to the point.  These are the lessons of Virgo.

Next:  Learn to negotiate.  Learn to plan for no winners and no losers.  Find what it means to create a good solution for the "USes" in general rather than the us and them's or the me and hims.  Learn to feel light and graceful.  These are the lessons of Libra.

Next: Learn to claim personal power by facing shadows, and refusing to give away our power.  Seize your emotional strength through emotional responsibility and holding the line on where you place the trust of your heart.  Love fiercely.  These are the lessons of Scorpio.

If you have gotten far enough in your personal growth to need the next step after Scorpio, you deserve at least enough of a break to weight for the beginning of Virgo and my blog on her progressions!

Good luck, great growth and much much  much Love!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Washing the Sheets: Sunlight and Fresh-Air is a Great Disinfectant

A quick guide:  for those of you who just want some quick astrological advice without all the technical hullabaloo: read only the large colored text, For all those who want the total package, read as normal.

So, as we approach the stars today, I am drawn to a rather interesting stellium (3 or more planets/objects in space, conjunct-or right on top of each other from the vantage point of the earth).  Now over yonder on the cusp between Aries and Pisces you may notice (if you are looking at an astrology chart that is) a little gathering of the Moon, Uranus, and Lilith (which funny enough is not a body at all but represents specifically the focus not containing the earth in the moons elliptical orbit-an ellipsis unlike a circle has 2 foci).  Now the moon represents our sensitivity and emotions, Uranus a march forward of progress revolutionary change and openness in general, while Lilith represents what Carl Jung would have called (who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men) the Shadow (knows), dum dum dummmm!  Now these 3 are in opposition (which means directly opposite on the wheel of the stars) to Saturn our Big Daddy of limits, boundaries and establishment.  Now the Stellium is in an Aries way, near in fact the cusp of Pisces, which as we talked about yesterday is kinda the line of our personal spring equinox.  If this makes no sense, try thinking of it as the line between death of complete spirit, into manifestation.  Things on this cusp are charging into the world (once they are on the Aries side of the line that is).  In this space these energies, already combined and in sink, are pushing in independent, self establishing directions.
Meanwhile Saturn is in Libra and pushing towards  negotiation and restrictions and boundaries in negotiation and human relationships, especially romantic ones.

Let's break it down: 
This is a time to face the dark energies of our souls, the parts of ourselves that we are ashamed of and turn away from, with an openness and sensitivity.  It is a time to face the core of our shame, and realise that without the shame, it actually stems from a place of love.  Because that's who we are.  It is a time to air the grievances of the dark and wash them with exposure to the air, but be aware, this can only be done effectively when we are actively negotiating these issues in pour social venues and love relationships... Take it slow, but make the change steady definite and poised to change the world on a fairly permanent basis!

An Affirmation:
I fearlessly face my fears, I turn negatives into positives and expose pain and corruption to the open air, I wash away darkness with daylight, gently and with respect to all, and find in the end only love.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Contemplation for Today's Reading focusing on Ceres and Venus

(This is intended like a morning meditation, something to consider in silence if it moves you)
I release the seed  to a hole in the earth,
I practice the habits of care,
with only faith.
The earth releases her bounty on the stem,
To the sky,
The stalk to the scythe,
The grain to the threshing floor,
The farmer to the miller,
The miller to the stone,

The stone to the oven,
The Oven to the table,
The table to me,
I release the seed to the ground, 
Unseen, In Faith.

This is a story of Love and  Magick

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New Horizons, A Good Time For New Approaches (Ceres, Luna,Uranus Stellium Trine the Sun)

In a new and exciting approach I present this weeks Column in an exciting new way.  For those who want to know about how this all connects back technically to astrology, you may read as normal.  If you just want a few well placed tips that don't touch on the technical, feel free to skip the small text and just read the Large colourful text.  Enjoy!

As the Sun enters the cusp from Cancer to Leo, The moon comes into conjunction (that is lines up in the sky) with an Uranus Ceres conjunction in Aries.  This stellium (a stellium is a conjunction of 3 or more things) is trined (soft aspect that generally represents an easy flow relationship between the bodies involved) with the Sun conjunct to Venus, right there riding the Cancer-Leo Cusp.  The Stellium of course is on the Pisces-Aries cusp.  All of these are moving forward into Leo or Aries respectively.

Our Sense of Identity and inner strength moves into proud stable warm playful Leo, still with a hint of caring, sensitive, home-loving Cancer.  This is merged with the sense of pleasure and attraction also in that same tendency.  These flow well with a grand merger of Our emotional sensitivities(Moon/Luna), our abilities to balance caring and letting go (Ceres) and a grander societal sense of revolution, Ideals and the forward movement of progress.  All of these are resonating on the Aries side of the Pisces-Aries Cusp.  This cusp is a particularly powerful one in astrology as it represents the line between the ends of things and the beginning.  It correlates vibrationally to the Spirng equinox, and is the line in ourselves between our internal symbolic winter and spring.  A conjunction of these 3 at this point indicates a sense of brand new, asserting independence in light of these subjects.  When we add to this the nature of the 3 "planets" (okay astronomers: 2 planets and a minor planet) goes down like this:  Uranus the planet of idealism, upheaval and originality in the house of the new and independent RAGES, it affects our sensibilities giving us an emotional taste (moon) for the new, the unexpected and the exotic.  Ceres has been and will be Conjunct to Uranus for a while already, and Uranus (not to mention Aries) gives Ceres an understanding of allowing space to our loved ones, not just for them but for us as well.  These three combine to give us a grand opportunity to explore how we nurture and give/are nurtured and assert our independence, and a heck of an encouragement to find new and novel ways to do it! (remember trying the same thing over and over again when it gets no results may or may not be crazy, but it certainly is silly and needlessly painful) 
Now when these 2 sets of things trine up we have a playful self empowered Venus-Sun encouraging confidence in our identity and easy playfulness on the stage of our lives, giving us a wonderful reinforcement to find self-assertive loving ways to give and receive space, while giving and receiving love.  The key?  Focus on freedom in the context of nurture, focus on unexpected new routes of getting what you need in those ways, be open, be happy frolic, and rejoice in the NEW!  We are moving from the wet of the summer into her heart of simple warmth and the most stable of the fire houses, regal, playful Leo.  Take the gifts of depth and introspection we have gotten from the year thus far, and begin to dance them, trust that we don't always need to think things, we can do well to feel them.  Keep it fresh!

For those who want a bit more perspective on the bodies involved:

For those who Don't need the Astrological gobbledygook:

This is an excellent time to reassess and reinvent our nurturing relationships and how we attract them.  Here's the deal, its all about independence and finding new ways to have and allow freedom while giving and receiving nurturing and affection.  The key?  Keep it exciting, keep it light fresh, and find the passion.  'nuff said.

I am a strong loving person, I open my heart to new ways to love that give independence to all and love to all, and open me to new experiences and exciting truths!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Great Time to Start a Good Habit (Taking Care of Your Heart) Grand Trine Water Hygeia-Luna-Venus /Sol

OK Folks, true to form, this time I focus in on something somewhat obscure.  "Why?", you say.  Simple, because sometimes its the little easy to miss things that can give us the best bang for our buck in terms of our over-all joy and satisfaction (and at times just plain survivability) of life!

Today we focus in on a rather nifty grand trine, that may well escape many peoples awareness, not because it is not completely accessible, but because it may not occur to people to access it!  "OK, spill it!", You might say... And you would absolutely be right on track, because this is all about Water, specifically a grand trine (3 trines 3 planets aligned perfectly in a equilateral triangle)!  In this case it's 4- The sun and Moon are conjunct in Cancer.

So starting in our Cardinal house the Sun- sense of identity and generally just our sense of source, is Conjunct or Joined at the hip to, Venus, pleasure attraction, beauty etc etc.  Now these two are hanging tight together in Cancer the Momma Sign (who rules the moon- why do I mention this... Stay tuned!)  So when folks hang out in Cancer they can be moody, sensitive but most importantly the focus is on family (as we each define it) and care-taking as a source of identity, strength and pleasure.  

Now these 2 are trined up to The Moon (ahhh! that's why!) in Pisces.  Who is our Sensitivity, and In Pisces, she is SUPER sensitive, empathic even, psychic maybe... In other words she is tuned-in and Opened up!  Now these two play well, because this sensitivity puts us in a good place to do all that empowering nurture me-I'll nurture you shtick that's going on with our Venus and Sun.

And NOW we get to the meat of the Sandwich.  Obscure little Hygeia is Trined to the both, finishing off our grand trine in fixed water Scorpio.  Hygeia rules over the little matter of how we take care of ourselves, especially on a sort of day-to day health maintenance sort of way.  And in Scorpio we are talking about emotional boundaries, and depth. So ask yourself, what new habits can I acquire while I have all this intuitive support in finding them , and all this life desire in creating some nurture, as well as this good spot for creating the darned things in the first place?

You don't need anyone else to explore these things (though it can be helpful). This is because we're talking habits of self support.  Create nurturing ritual, day to day reminders that remind you of your right to keep personal space.  Allow yourself the right to let someone out of your experience when necessary.  Give yourself that permission.   The important thing is let it be small, and let it be daily and let it be regular.

"I create the habits of Joy and Self love in my relationships, and in the actions I take every day."

For more on Hygeia: ON HYGEIA

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Astrological Egg on My face

I would like to fully apologize.  In an interpretation I posted on Regarding the recent Star of David alignment, I inadvertently gave a slightly incorrect interpretation stemming from a bit of a brain-oops on my part.  I confused the body Orcus with the body Sedna.  I therefore gave an interpretation that would be completely correct if Sedna had been where Orcus was.  As Orcus, was only one piece, and not the most central of the issues involved the interpretation was still largely true.
However, given the fact that 1 yes it was inaccurate, and 2 the time of the influence being in effect has passed, the article has been removed and all I can do is apologize sincerely and and redouble my commitment to double-checking.  The difference between these 2 bodies is something I am aware of, I simply had a brain trip-up.  For this I humbly apologize.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Playing Tag with your Spirit Guides: How to. Why a Really Fun Thing to do is to Get Lost

This is a super-fun, super great thing to do at any time, but ESPECIALLY when we go the high-powered uber-myrky Neptonian stuff going down... Like, you know, NOW.  (for more info read the blog from earlier today, DUH!)  

At any rate here's the deal, you don't have to be in any particular environment to find a path to harmonize with spirit, to let spirit talk to you.  Opportunity abounds all around you.  What I propose is a bit of a vision walk.  Now being in the woods or on the beach makes for a pretty darn nifty spirit walk for sure, but spirit and earth are all around us... All we need to do is open our eyes, open our ears (and noses) and walk.  Without any direct choosing of direction.  Without a plan.
As you walk make quick decisions with no time to consciously consider, just what feels right.  If you get hung up, use a coin toss when in doubt.

Lets explain.  First you start where you are. you close your eyes a moment relaxing any tensions breath deeply in and slowly release.  Then as you mentally note an intention to be guided deeper into spirit by spirit, and a path of love (that is a good thing to remember) open your eyes and literally follow your heart, walk as you feel it feels better.  Don't get too worried about this, just relax and follow your first thought.  Let your eyes wander for symbols, try to mostly remember what you see, but little notes might be useful later.  Is there a strange juxtaposition of words? Does that car look like your grandmothers.  I found a playing card? which card is it? does it have a meaning to me?  The point is that you are walking and letting spirit form your experience.  Try not to talk, just to observe and connect within your head.  When you are done you will know.  Take souvenirs (personal totem items in magick-y talk)
This may be done in the wild (if you have a buddy follow you) or in Urban or sub-urban areas (make sure you got a phone and the like if you are squeamish)  The more you practice this the more striking your results will be.  Some days I allow the route to be irrelevant and just decide to open up to direction while walking to work or such.  I have found rubber frogs (counselling myself that I was looking for a story of transformation and growing up), the 2 of hearts, (intoning that romance was a place to look)  we are surrounded by an amazing wealth of spiritual language at all times, and we are always drawing it to ourselves!
What's more we we make intent to pay attention to it, its astonishing how quickly the floodgates open!

So yes, My advice for the day is take a walk through spirit, where-ever you happen to be.

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Moon-Neptune-Chiron Stellium In Pisces: A Time to Seek Vision

As the Sun/Venus move their way out of the grand Cardinal Cross in someways allowing us to return to a less personal interaction with many of the more challenging vibrations occurring at the moment, the focus of energy, at least in a personal sense returns to our Neptune Conjunct Chiron, as the Moon moves in to make it 3, also known as a stellium, in Neptune's Native Pisces.  
What does this mean? Neptune the king of escapes positive and negative, spiritual and self destructive, is resonating with Chiron that master of translating the story of our personal pain history into a vision for the world we wish to come, when these conjunct to our moon, which is really our emotional sensitivities... IE our personal compass on the universe, we have a very profound situation just teeming with possibilities.  Add to this the Standing Pluto (in Capricorn) Jupiter (in Taurus) Trine, and both sextil back to the 3 three (Moon, Neptune, and Chiron) in Stellium.  
"But enough of all this fancy high-fallutin' astro-logic-al talk, What exactly does it mean to me?", you ask?  Well I'm glad you did as-a-matter-of- fact,thank-you-very-much.  It means that as Pluto continues to expose and make plain less than ethical standings in the house of Law, the rules and economics, chiefly focusing on how we allow ourselves to be powerless through giving away our power to false ideas of security, particularly in the house of the established institutions.  This trines with Jupiter who's expansive tendencies in Taurus are measured and steady, conservative but ever pushing forward.  In other words when we access it our personal achievement progresses forward in a reasonable responsible pace. 
If we choose to, these two facts give us a great deal of support to take our feelings, our sense of spirit, and our personal history, and find a spiritual vision, that may transform the world.
Something to keep in mind:  As Neptune is the central energy involved it is important not to try to nail anything specific down, until it does it on its own.  IE is just plainly obvious, this should slowly happen over the summer, but this moment of Lunar conjunction with the other two allows us to connect in terms of changing our own personal direction... in other words don't expect to know where your going, but why your going where your going and the general direction your heading should become vastly more visible to you.
Mostly though this is a very mystic vibration, so don't try.  Relax.  Its a moment to find a vision.  Finding a vision is a bit like trying to catch a snowflake on your tongue.  It is not necessarily productive to chase snowflakes individually, but if you stand in a place with an open sky, and you know its snowing, patient waiting will produce the required results.  Chasing them usually blows them out of reach!
And like the snowflakes, your vision is completely unique.

I open my heart to the voice of my spirit, allowing my path to open before me, as if from a thick mist.  I walk into the world I want to live in, freely letting go of old assumption tethering me to old realities.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Something Obvious: a metaphysical if not Astrological rant

Just thought:  
Be happy whatever you are doing, 
Just because it beats being unhappy doing the same thing.
If You're single, 
be a flirtatious cad.
If you're married,
be a doting romantic.
If you feel like the odd man out,
feast on your eccentricity.
If lost in a crowd,
revel in introspection.
When music plays,
When it rains,
Rain always finds its way to the sea,
Just by relaxing and letting it's nature compel it.
Freedom is what you have when you are following your nature.
Your Nature is your divinity.
Your Divinity is what you share with everyone.
Your Nature and your divinity are Love.
Love is what "feels better" means,
You should always Love no matter what you are doing because it is better than to not Love while doing the same thing.

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A Wandering Mind can Sometimes Wander Forward: Balancing Mercury with Mars

This is the fourth part of a series exploring the planet Mercury.  In this and following entries we discuss the way in which Mercury interact with his fellow characters in the sky.  These entries are not a discussion of a current situation in the sky, but rather are included to expand the readers understanding on the subject of astrology in general, and how it applies to creating and maintaining a happy expansive fulfilling life in general! Previous discussions on Mercury include:  More on MercuryVenus-Mercury & Moon, Sun and Mercury.

Keeping the whole self in balance is just a way of saying that we are happy and moving forward and engaged in life- which in its true core, when we are truly tapped into our deep feelings, it means we are also vibrating in harmony with the universe.  In this series on Mercury we have already looked at Mercury in general, Keeping Mercury and Venus in Balance and Balancing Mercury with the Sun and the Moon.

When we discuss the balance between Mercury and Mars we have to acknowledge a basic change in the nature of planetary powers.  Up until now we have been looking at balancing our communication and thought patterns (which is Mercury's purview) with energies that are for the most part primarily focused inward more or less.   The Sun is about self definition and identity, Moon is our sensitivities and feelings, Mercury itself, while a governor of communication really comes at the as a harbinger of thought, and communication, in this case being the extension of thought to others.  Finally, Venus of course is focused on pleasure and desire.  All traits and natures have both an internal and external manifestation, but some things have a predominantly inward focus, some outward.  In general, bodies in the solar system from the Earth (and it's orbit) focus on the inside and translate it to the outside (Sun, Moon, Mercury&Venus).  Bodies from Mars to Saturn are issues of how we interact with the outside world, that of course have a reverberation on our internal space.  Bodies existing in space beyond Saturn are a separate subject that we will discuss when we get to those bodies.

Mars, of course represents the first of these outward focused energies, and this is fitting indeed, because mars is about motivation, it is the push of the solar system.  He rules over how we pursue what we want.  Balancing our thoughts, our words, our talk with our drive (Mercury to Mars)  has an obvious significance, but also great significance well beyond what we might think of off the bat.

There is an obvious question of integrity here. The question of talking the talk vs walking the walk, and while I don't want to downplay this, it is often more of an interaction between Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. Besides, I also think it is important to look at the issue in a purely mechanical, how to create the life we want perspective, remembering that a life without integrity is not as joyful as one with it, all else being equal.  First off mercury is doing the job of specifically designing what we are after - but this is more of a question of a Mercury-Venus relationship.  A Mercury mars interaction is in many ways much more fundamental, it is a measure of how we encourage ourselves, how we write ourselves into the story of our pursuits.  

This, at first look may seem inconsequential.  But lets think of it this way, its not a matter of a single thought, but rather a matter of our constant and ever-present habits of thought.  Its not about what we say, but about how we habitually talk, and how we position ourselves.  Self deprecating conversational patterns undercut our pursuits, cause us to be taken less seriously and draws wind form our sails.  We may build a certain amount of confidence and drive simply by reminding our self in the way we speak and the thoughts we repeat to our self that we are capable confident and good.  Specifically keep in mind that a belief in the ability to learn and adjust is a belief in being able to accomplish anything, eventually.  This mercurial habit of telling ourselves we can adjust, we can learn one step at a time, allows us to first of all get out of the way of our Mars going after what we want, and allow us to keep a good pace on Our Mars.  Mercury can function as both a steering wheel advisor and cheerleader to our Mars, which is our optimum relationship between these.  

Lets think about ways of balancing these.  This interaction is one of those that while not necessarily obvious, when we cultivate it it gives us a solid ongoing underlying level of support.  And it is all about how we talk to and about ourselves.  Avoid negatives, find the possibilities hidden in our critique, and speak the possibilities before the critique.  The critical voice is the silencer of the creative progress, and so often some of the trick of this is to do what we are called to, and then edit after the fact.  Mercury is about assessment, Mars production.  So here's a great little Mantra for ya:

"I succeed because I am capable of assessment, I achieve because I can Learn, I achieve because I adapt."

always look for the lesson, and remember the lesson is not a punishment, or a lesson for all time, it is an exercise in bending... as is life

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